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Team Building

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Who can we include in team building?

There are so many little pieces involved when it comes to building your team's cohesion, so lots of options for how to handle it as well.

You can include your whole team (athletes and coaches) or you can build the dynamic through leadership skill building (with the coaching staff, or team captains). Any way you choose to go about it, can be adapted to fit the needs of your team. 

This time is all about meeting your group's specific needs. Planning these workshops will take some observation and discussion time, but taking this time to ensure we are all on the same page will help your group to get what you want out of these sessions. 

What would a team building workshop look like?

I like to keep workshops very interactive. This time is all about your group interacting together, with some guidance. Workshops will be a mixture of concepts, information and activities to reinforce the information that was presented. 

Workshops are kept fairly flexible so that participants can contribute to the plan with what they would like to learn, and share their observations. 

A typical layout would follow the format of

  • Group discussion

  • Information on a topic of interest

  • Mixing light activities in with the information

  • Follow up discussion

  • Suggestions for the group to integrate.

All work will end with a short questionnaire where participants can relay their experience in the workshop, what they enjoyed, what could be improved and if there is anything they would like to work on at the next workshop.

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