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Individual Routines

I really enjoy my work choreographing floor and beam routines for Women's Artistic Gymnastics. I have always been drawn to dance and music, primarily because every routine is unique and I am able to be visual, creative and active which makes "work" feel more like "play". I have been choreographing floor routines for 15 years, with clients ranging from pre-competitive to National levels, and aged 10 to 18. I have choreographed nearly every style, some of which including: broadway, tango and Bollywood. I am proud to have won floor choreography awards and to have created many routines that helped athletes to medal on floor and beam. 

Group Routines

This routine qualified our team to the 2023 World Gymnaestrada in Amsterdam.

For the routine that qualified our group to represent Team Canada at the 2019 World Gymnaestrada watch from 23:40 - 32:00!

I have been doing group choreography for 10 years now, typically with Gymnaestrada groups but also for some in house performances and parades as well. I love the puzzle involved when building routines for large groups of performers, where I get to incorporate dance, tumbling, and acrobatic stunting. The group routines I have choreographed range in styles and themes which have included: Circus, Disney and Elements. I really enjoyed getting to step up my choreography to match the level of our groups for the 2019 and 2023 World Gymnaestradas. Although there is a lot of pressure involved in creating something so critical to the group's qualifications, the challenge to improve my quality of choreography to suit each athlete is great fun!

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