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Client Testimonials

As I develop my skills in the field, the following testimonials have been generously shared by athletes, individuals and groups I have worked closely with over the years. The athletes come from a variety of sport and professional backgrounds and have worked with me on a variety of areas they felt needed improvement. Their testimonials are completely anonymous and have not been edited. I am very grateful to each client for their kind words and helpful feedback. 

"Darby Walker has worked with me throughout almost all of my gymnastics career whether it be calming me down when my emotions and fears are blocking me from trying a new skill or telling me to focus on my breathing during my routine. Darby has always made sure to keep everything as positive and as welcoming as she could. She has shadowed a few of my sessions with my sport psychologist, Dave Freeze, which I'm sure she has learned tons from him. She is also someone I looked up to when I was a young gymnast, as she excelled in the sport, so it's very easy to talk to her about gymnastics when she went through the exact same mental struggles of the sport that I am going through. Her work is very effective and she knows how to connect with athletes. I know Darby is someone I can talk to about not only gymnastics, but everything."

"Darby was a great help in managing my anxiety in competitive sports. She gave me highly effective methods to use before and during games to keep my mind focused, as well as techniques to keep self-talk positive in tough times. The process started with her listening to my concerns and the problems I face, which itself was beneficial since she is such a great listener and very empathetic. I have been able to continue to succeed in competitive sports and other aspects of my life by using the methods she taught me."

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