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Mental Performance

What do Mental Performance Consulting services look like?

There can be a lot of confusion about what Mental Performance Consulting is and how it can benefit your sport performance competitively or recreationally. 

I like to describe mental performance consulting as the equivalent of what a physiotherapist or athletic trainer can do in helping you to prepare or recover physically to perform well in competition and training, a sport psychologist can do the same to support you mentally.

Consultancy can take place in group workshops, 1-1, and can be integrated during practices and completion. Keep in mind that mental skills, like any other technical skill or physical rehabilitation needs to be practiced and integrated consistently. "One and done" will not serve your performance goals as well as working it into your schedule will! 

Mental Performance Consulting work can include 

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Fear of Injury 

  • Fear of Failure

  • Recover mentally from injury

  • Build Confidence

  • Goal Setting

  • Team Building

  • Conflict Resolution (between team members, coaches or parents)

Who can benefit from Mental performance consulting?

There are a lot of people included in the sport world who can benefit from mental performance consulting and a little extra support in executing their role to the best of their abilities 


  • Competitive and non-competitive​​ of all ages



  • Dancers, musicians, artists, public speakers

Retiring Athletes & Performers

  • Sport and performance is so much a part of our identity. Who are we, and what will do when it's time to move on?

  • Whether it's retirement to begin university, following a university sports career or from professional sports, we have all experienced those phases of change which can be challenging. It's often a grieving process, and a case of figuring out what's next. Mental Performance Consulting can provide some guidance during this uncertain time. 



  • We all know how stressful sport and performance can be, and how much more stressful it gets when you have such little control over it!

  • You want the best for your kids. Mental Performance Consulting can help you to ensure that you are providing positive sport for your athlete or performer.



  • Your athletes are often a reflection of you, and your work with them - that can be a lot of pressure on both you and your athlete. You have lots of programs and many athletes to manage simultaneously. Mental performance support can assist in your planning and reflection processes so that you can build positive relationships with your athletes, parents and fellow coaches. 


Parent Coaches 

  • I was the athlete in a parent coach relationship, so this one is close to my heart. I know how special and rare the opportunity is to get this unique bond as a parent-child but it can also be challenging on both ends, and even for the rest of the team's dynamic.  

  • The parent coach - athlete relationship can have it's challenges. Each relationship is different, with its own struggles, benefits and needs for support. Mental performance can help you in your communication and maintaining a healthy working relationship. 


Parent-Athlete-Coach dynamic

  • Everyone wants what's best for the athlete/performer, and for the athlete/performer to reach their potential. However, sometimes what we think is best differs from parent to coach to athlete. Mental Performance Consulting can assist in opening up these lines of communication, and providing support for all, so that everyone can come together to support the athlete/performer.

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