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Throughout my practice, I aspire to support people in overcoming barriers that stand in the way of achieving their goals, and to help individuals find consistency between practice and performance.



Darby Meagan Walker

As I continue to gain experience in the diverse applications of mental performance consulting, I am constantly uncovering new interests I want to incorporate into my philosophy. While my philosophy evolves with experience, and is unique to each group I work with, the core values in my mission statement are always present. 

Most importantly, my philosophy places emphasis on providing support when challenge becomes overwhelming, enhancing performance in whatever the circumstance may be, and encouraging us all to be a little more comfortable being uncomfortable. 

Services & Pricing
1-1 Consulting session

Individual consultancy time available for any services listed in the toolbar

1 hr


Group Workshops

Have your whole group benefit from a mental performance skill building workshop

2 hrs


Seasonal Contracts

Set an annual contract with dedicated time monthly to focus on your team's performance & goals

Prices vary based on  group size, location and desired length of services


These sessions are great as it's personalized time. Have your specific needs supported at the pace and style that suits you best.

Get started by contacting Darby to set up an intake meeting.

*Cost includes consultancy and prep time.


Workshops are a great way to build your group's mental performance, while keeping everyone feeling included. I like to keep workshops fairly active so be prepared to engage in lots of activities rather than just sitting and listening!


*These can be offered as stand alone sessions or in series format


Opting for a seasonal contract is an excellent way to ensure your group has dedicated time when you need it. Planning ahead is key, and with seasonal contracts, we have more time to build relationships and set intentional longterm plans to help your team hit their performance goals.

*Seasonal team contracts include both 1-1 consulting time and workshops

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